Key Issues

Dan Bishop Is Cutting Your Taxes, Creating Jobs, Rewarding Teachers

  • Dan Bishop voted to cut income taxes on Mecklenburg County families.
  • Dan Bishop worked with Republicans and Democrats to raise teacher pay in North Carolina by over 8%.
  • Dan Bishop is a strong leader who will fight for small businesses and taxpayers.
  • Dan Bishop will stand against the corporate media and out-of-state agitators who want to steamroll our values.

If you live in South Charlotte, please cast your vote for Dan Bishop for NC State Senate. 

Senate District 39 is a critically important seat. Charlotte is the economic engine of North Carolina, and Mecklenburg has five Senate seats. Only two, including District 39, are competitive for Republicans, who hold majorities in the General Assembly. Charlotteans need a strong and capable Senator in District 39 to preserve and extend the tax and regulatory reforms of the recent years and to advocate in Raleigh for the interests of Charlotte's job providers and families.

A Strong Economy Is Our Foundation for Greater Prosperity

Since 2011, the General Assembly has kept front and center the goals of tax relief, improved business climate and prudent fiscal management.

Opportunities for financial security and independence for North Carolina families and youth depend upon a thriving private sector. State government too depends upon revenues generated by businesses and the jobs they create.

The following are some landmark legislative actions taken since 2011 that deserve to be protected, and some effects on the economy and state government:

  • Sales tax relief now totaling almost $4 billion, passed over a Democrat Governor’s veto, benefitting especially less affluent households.
  • Cut maximum personal income tax rate from 7.75% to 5.5%. Cut corporate income tax rate from 6.9% to 4%, on the way to 3%, the lowest east of the Mississippi. “Single sales factor” corporate income tax apportionment methodology further improves tax environment for businesses.
  • Unemployment compensation reform, resulting in North Carolina this year retiring a $2.8 billion debt to the federal government.
  • NC ranked 10th nationally and outranked most Southeastern states in employment and income growth in 2015.
  • After dire predictions of a massive revenue shortfall, these policies produced a $400 million budget surplus this year.
  • North Carolina has vaulted to the top echelon of national rankings, e.g. 44th to 13th in the Tax Foundation’s 2015 Business Tax Climate Index; No. 2 on Forbes’ 2015 Best States for Business and Careers; No. 2 on Site Selection’s Top State Business Climate Rankings.

The 2015 long session saw these additional accomplishments:

  • Ended transfers from the Highway Fund, paving the way for an additional $4 billion of transportation improvements over the next decade, without debt.
  • Proposed an affordable $2 billion-dollar bond referendum for universities and other public infrastructure.
  • Held general fund spending increase to 3.1%.
  • Continued driving down tax rates.
  • Increased rainy day fund to over $1 billion.
  • Enacted a Medicaid reform process to stabilize and save cost.

We also prevented a reallocation of existing local option sales tax revenues from urban to rural counties that would have badly injured Mecklenburg County and its municipalities. I adamantly opposed this idea and will continue to do so in the Senate.

Education -- Sufficient Funding and Maximum Choice

Education is the doorway to a successful life. That’s why the North Carolina Constitution guarantees to citizens a free and sound basic education and higher education that is “free of expense” “as far as practicable.” Meeting this core state government responsibility depends utterly on revenues from a successful private sector. And these resources must be spent efficiently and effectively.

Source: Nat’l Ctr. for Educ. Stats., NAEP Long-Term Trend Reading Assessments. State-by-state data unavailable, but NC scores similar to national. Scores are reported on a 500-point scale.

The long-term story of K-12 education in North Carolina and nationally is ever greater resource consumption and stagnant student achievement as shown here:

Source: Nat’l Ctr. for Educ. Stats. Ann. Rpts., 2013 Digest of Educ. Stats., Table 236.70

Often, the education debate goes no deeper than our national ranking in teacher pay or education expenditures. Bare money demands ignore other state government needs as well as the failure to translate greater spending into better results for students. Real solutions are more complex.

North Carolinians want teachers to be compensated fairly and schools to be well-funded. We have boosted teacher compensation in both the 2014 and 2015 sessions and are building back K-12 funding toward the per-pupil peak reached before the financial crisis. The 2015 budget’s K-12 appropriation is $1.5 billion higher than 2010’s. We also have stayed true to North Carolina’s commitment to its public universities by proposing $1 billion in bond-funded infrastructure.

Equally important, the General Assembly must continue to afford parents options to make the most of their children’s educational opportunities. I support funding fairness for charter schools and continued expansion of opportunity scholarships for disadvantaged children trapped in failing schools. I also will support persistent experimentation and innovative education management and teaching methods aimed at boosting student achievement, including local flexibility. This requires accountability and discarding rather than institutionalizing failed efforts.

North Carolina Values -- Truth, Life, and Love

We live in an era of rapid and far-reaching cultural change, much of it for the worse, much of it forced by undemocratic means.

The conundrum of stagnant student achievement despite the 40-year trend of rising education spending reflects a crisis in values. The traditional American devotion to educational rigor and striving has fallen victim to cultural cross-currents. The pervasive welfare state has undermined family structure for young people in greatest need of a path to lifetime success and happiness.

I also will support reasonable protections and accommodations for dissenters from novel social changes. Religious free exercise, which is the first listed right in the Bill of Rights, appears especially targeted by cultural warriors. Too many flee from defending this and other fundamental rights. I will not shirk this responsibility, but will pursue balance and protection for all, without aiming to provoke or foment needless controversy.

I support lawful protections for the unborn and expectant mothers.