Privacy Policy

Bishop for Senate values your privacy, and as a result we do only the minimum collection of information on our visitors in order to provide you with the best possible service we can. The information below describes the limited extent to which we collect and utilize your personal information online.

What We Collect from the User

  1. During general visits to the site, Bishop for Senate collects generic information about our visitors like pages browsed, web browser, and general computer information using Google Analytics. At no time is this linked to your personal data, but this general information helps Bishop for Senate improve its website and services.
  2. Only during sign-ups and site inquiries – in which we require email address and other pertinent personal information – is such information collected, and only at the visitors permission.

How We Use It

  1. General information collected during a visit to our website (without purchase) is used to modify our site to give the visitor the best possible experience on the site.
  2. Email addresses and other personal information collected are used for delivery of specific sign-up promotion and/or site inquiry. In addition, any email address collected during sign-up promotions also receive promotions and helpful insights into the precious metals industry directly from Bishop for Senate.

No Disclosure to Third Parties

  1. At no time does Bishop for Senate sell, rent, or give away your email address. In the event you receive a relevant "Third Party" email from Bishop for Senate it will always be sent from Bishop for Senate and that "Third Party" advertiser NEVER sees or is given access to any of your personal information, including your email address.

If you need to modify the limited customer data we possess or wish to "opt-out" of any free content or marketing you have received, please contact us via email at dan [at]